The Bradley Blume Corporation is a small family owned company based in the State of Arizona, U.S.A.

The Bradley Blume Corporation manufactures and markets a safety tool called Trench Plate Mate. This magnetic shoring tool is used in pipeline construction across the country. Plate Mate enables a worker to safely place a steel plate across an open trench.

The Bradley Blume Corporation customers include many of the largest pipeline and road construction companies in the country.

The Bradley Blume Corporation goals are to have this magnetic safety tool, Trench Plate Mate, implemented into employers safety programs. Documentation from workers compensation accidents and injuries show near misses, finger and toe injuries even death due to trench steel plate related accidents.

For commiting to safety call Trench Plate Mate at 928-999-1123 or E-mail us at

Bradley Blume developed the Trench Plate Mate as a safety tool